Finding solace in beauty – Leanordslea #Gardens, Sussex, England

A couple of days after losing my beloved Merlin, Easter Monday offered a warm and peaceful balm to my aching soul, though I wasn’t ready to share it until now.

Leanordslea Gardens is a place we used to visit regularly, but which shut to the public when purchased by a new owner. Now, the place has been sold again, had a large sum of money invested in it, and opened once more for viewing at Easter. Famed for its rhododendrons and azaleas, it was a touch early in the season to be in full bloom throughout, but covered the end of the Camelia season, and the earlier flowering varieties.

The lakes have been freshly cleared around the edges, and will take time for the banks to grow cover again, but the ducks were quite happy with the state of affairs.

I can spot 7 ducklings in this pic, though I had to enlarge it to do so!

Isn’t that cute?

The bluebells were in full flower

Then it was back to rhododendrons

and azaleas

Now the odd quirk of Leanordslea, is that it has always been home to a collection of wallabies (yes, this is still in England!)

You can spot an albino over towards the right under the tree, and a regular mother with an albino joey in the centre.

And finally, back to more flowers, and the awesome rock garden, which really hasn’t changed since last time I visited, over a decade ago

And finally, back to the exit

I hope you enjoyed that little tour. I know I did.


  1. I never hardly thought about wallabies before but they seem to be interesting animals.

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    1. These looked pretty lazy, but I remember some years ago, they escaped, and led the locals a merry dance!

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  2. Wha a gorgeous place! beautiful photos Deborah, fabulous flower shots and cutie ducklings too 🙂 I loved the tour, thank you

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it 😁

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  3. What a gorgeous walk. Who knew anyone cherished flowers and nature so, to offer this to the public. Thanks for taking me along.

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    1. Cheers, Jacqui. Do you not have public gardens like this in the US? I know I visited some in Canada.


  4. Spectacular Deb. Just gorgeous, and the weather looks so inviting. It’s almost June and we’re still in coats!!!! 🙂 ❤


    1. Ah, that was a rare day, we are never quite sure what clothes to wear day to day this year 🙄

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      1. Seems like that’s everywhere now. 😦

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      2. Yup, I was both frozen and soaked today. The downside of working outdoors 😦

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      3. Lol 🙂

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