The Prince’s Man really IS on #sale in the US, as well as other countries! #$0.99

Somehow, no matter how organised one tries to be, things outside our control still go wrong at times.

I changed the price of The Prince’s Man a couple days early, just to be sure it was live on Amazon on the day, but bizarrely enough, although it showed as $0.99 on the carousel of all my books, when people clicked through to the book page, it was still at $3.99

How does that happen?

Well, as all authors/publishers know, Amazon is a rule unto itself, and of course this happened on Friday, with (I think) limited support over the weekend, so it took a couple of days to get it fixed. Unfortunately, that means that people who may have viewed the book page and found not the bargain price they were expecting, now won’t go back there again. Sigh.

SO in case you happen to be one of those unfortunates, I can assure you, it really IS at $0.99 now!

In compensation, and in case you’d like a FREE taster before you push the boat out and part with 99c, I’m happy to offer you the short story, THE SPY AND THE LADY (which takes place between books 1 & 2, but is a stand alone short story) with no strings attached, to give you an idea of the tone of my books. Just click on the cover below and meet Rustam Chalice…



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  2. Read it. Read the sequel. Ready to read the latest. Now don’t bother me!

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    1. 😀 😀 😀


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