With a lot of turmoil in the background of my life just now, I’m astounded to say that everything is organised ready for the release of The Prince’s Protégé on Friday. The final, proofread version is uploaded to Amazon, ready and waiting, and also to Apple, which should see the pre-order live in the next day or so.

I’m well through my list of items that need updating with every release, with back matter in the previous books next on my agenda. I also guest blogged on THE WRITE STUFF on Friday, about how I include horses in my novels as a means of bringing some realism, and enhanced character development, to my fantasy world. Why not hop over there and take a look?

As you might imagine, time is in short supply just now (so what’s new?), so today I’m sharing another small excerpt from the new book – enjoy.

Marten fingered the top item of clothing on the listing stack. He sighed.
“Really? All of these?”
“If you wish to continue being the best dressed monarch in the Five Kingdoms,” Marganie admonished, waving him to the centre of the room, and the small pedestal upon which she expected him to stand. With a groan, he complied.
Davi duly stripped him and redressed him in a lavish outfit of white leather, with golden embellishments.
“This looks like a wedding outfit,” said Marten suspiciously. Marganie’s pin-filled mouth smiled, though she didn’t lose focus on her work, adjusting the length of the tunic’s hem.
“I think people are getting hopeful,” Davi observed, though Marten caught the sympathy in his tone. He glanced at Marganie, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.
“Well, it might be a while yet.”
Plucking the final pin from her mouth, Marganie chuckled. “Then I’ll have plenty of time to make alterations, praise Chel. I swear you’re still growing.”
“I’m nearly twenty, shouldn’t I have stopped by now?”
“You’re ready to start filling out, sire,” said Davi. “From here on, it’s all about not growing any more, especially around the waistline!”
“Says you, old man!”
Davi patted his midriff. “Goes to prove I’m no longer a skinny youth. Not that I’m implying anything,” he added with a wink.
“Men!” Marganie muttered under her breath. “Now the next, if you please.” She pointed to the heap of clothing still to be fitted.
Dutifully, Davi removed the white ensemble, and replaced it with an outfit more to Marten’s taste: utilitarian, unfussy, and plain brown.
“What’s this one for?” he asked.
“Hunting, sire,” Davi offered. “So when you fall off that brute of a horse, the mud won’t show, and no one will be any the wiser about your close acquaintance with the ground.”

Why not add The Prince’s Protégé to your library while it’s on special offer? Find it on Amazon US 

Amazon (other countries)  and on APPLE

other outlets will be live on Friday, I will update links then.


  1. Love this excerpt, Debby, and I’m counting the minutes until Friday. I’ve pre-ordered, so even if I’m busy with my company, the book will be on my Kindle, ready when I am! Can’t wait!!

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  2. That’s when mine will arrive then. I am very excited, Deborah!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So happy for you Deb! Go gettem girl! 🙂 xx

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