BookBub, #FREE #SFF reads, #WIN a $25 gift card, and my WIP. An eclectic post!

In the lead up to Christmas, and with the exciting news that I have a BOOKBUB feature again over the holiday period (see what it did for me last year), I’ve joined up with a group of fellow SF and fantasy authors to offer free taster books and stories, along with the chance to win aĀ $25 gift card to the ebook retailer of their choice.

This smorgasbord of FREE SF and Fantasy will introduce you to your pick of 49 authors (obviously, I’m one, so 48 new faces), plus the competition. Why not check it out HERE – what have you got to lose?

Okay, okay, I know – your ereader is as stuffed as mine – but there’s always room for another little one, isn’t there?

And back on the subject of the amazing BookBub opportunity, I’m treating this as my deadline to finish THE PRINCE’S PROTEGE, book #3 in The Five Kingdoms series, following on from The Prince’s Man, and The Prince’s Son.

I currently have 85000 words down, and I estimate around another 15K to go – soon, people, soon.

So right now, I’m off to commission another gorgeous cover, with the idea to get up a pre-order in time to take advantage of all those lovely readers who will discover my work through the BookBub ad. Even with only 2 books of the 4 out so far, the series has a great sell through, with around 80% of purchasers going on to buy #2, usually quite quickly after buying #1.

I’m thrilled, and now a little nervous. Like #2, #3 deals with some rather sensitive topics – if I was writing purely to market, I probably wouldn’t go there, but I write the books I want to write, and so far that seems to have made most of my readers happy.

How about all you authors out there? Do you write to market? Or write the books you want?

The two things aren’t mutually exclusive, but what are your thoughts on following, or trying to anticipate, trends? Do you let this influence what you write?

I’d love to know.


    1. I guessed that would be your answer! I have a sneaky suspicion it will be the same from most indie authors, as I think we tend to write for our own enjoyment as much as for commercial purposes. For me, if I don’t enjoy what I’m writing, I’m not creative. Doesn’t seem to stop readers from enjoying what we write, does it?


  1. The Prince’s Son is on my Christmas list, Deborah. I just know Santa will bring it!

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  2. Three things: I’ve never been a follower, I’m with you on – I write what I want to write, and huge congrats on the Bookbub ad again!!! ā¤

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    1. I was pretty sure that would be the answer from most people, but so many ‘experts’ advise studying markets and trends and trying to leverage them, I just wondered if anyone actually does so!
      And thanks, I’m so excited to get a BookBub again šŸ˜€

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      1. I like to read articles to keep up with the trends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every trend is the right fit for everyone, just as writing for market isn’t every writer’s thing. šŸ™‚

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      2. That’s true, I sometimes find inspiration for a story in a factual article. Isn’t it wonderful how we CAN make our own choices, and still find plenty of people keen to read our work?

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      3. Exactly! šŸ™‚

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