Guest author: Deborah Jay – #Writers, be true to yourself

Sue Vincent had me over at the weekend, as a guest blogger on her site, where I shared a bit about how I’ve learned to make peace with the limitations my lifestyle puts on my capacity to write.
Hop on over, and take a look.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

Rather a grand headline, I know, but you’ll understand where I’m coming from as you read further.

Amongst other things, I am a writer. Those ‘other things’ include caring for an elderly parent (two, until recently), and running a full-time business that involves a lot of travelling. I class myself as a professional part-time writer, as I’ve earned part of my living from my writing for decades now, first writing for magazines, then two traditionally published non-fiction books, and more recently, from my self-published fiction.

I want to share with you how I’ve learned to accept the limitations my lifestyle puts on my desire to produce books at the speed of other authors – something I’m never going to be able to do because, well, I happen to love my other business and would never want to give it up.

We live in a world where everybody has…

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  1. Very interesting and thoughtful. I think a lot of us are just like that.

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    1. Yes I think so too, but how many are willing to stand up and admit to it? That’s why I wanted to do so, to encourage others in understanding that while we should all try to change what we can, not all of us are able to conform to the ‘rules’, and we should be able to be comfortable with that situation, not be made to feel as if we have somehow failed.


  2. Great post Deb! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Deb 😀

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