The Birth of the Kindle

Fabulous piece by David Gaughran on the birth of the Amazon Store, and of the wonderful independant publishing world it opened up for authors.

David Gaughran

The 10th birthday of the Kindle was on Sunday, which has been met with all sorts of retrospectives. Getting less coverage is that it’s also the tenth anniversary of Amazon’s self-publishing platform. In this excerpt from the forthcoming third edition of Let’s Get Digital, I argue that the real revolution is something else again which is also ten years’ old this month: the Kindle Store itself, which didn’t just open up publishing by allowing anyone to sell their books, it also democratized which books get recommended.

I’ll be posting in more detail about the launch, and the two books on marketing which will follow. Digital 3 won’t be available as a free update like last time, as that caused way too many problems. However, I will be making the pre-order available for 99¢ so that anyone can update for the minimum possible cost.

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  1. Great share Deb. Love David’s blog. 🙂

    1. It is great, I’m just glad he doesn’t post too often, as they are always so long, meaty and thought-provoking. I went to a writing conference a couple years ago, where he was the main voice for indie publishing, boy, can he talk sense!

      1. Wow, you mingled in his circle? Lol. He was one of the first guys I followed to learn about self publishing. You’re right, very lengthy articles, but very meaty! 🙂

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