Grab a #BlackFriday #bargain all six of Marica Meara’s novels on #sale just $0.99 each!

via #BlackFriday Mega #Sale – All Six Novels Just $.99 Each!

Highly recommended by me – grab them while they are on sale!

Murders, mystery, wildlife, a touch of the paranormal, immerse yourself in these beautifully written novels.


Here is my review of Marcia’s most recent novella: THE EMMISARY


Wake-Robin Ridge:
A Boy Named Rabbit:
Swamp Ghosts:
Finding Hunter:
That Darkest Place:



  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Debby! Hope lots of new readers will take advantage of this once a year Mega Sale. At this price, an entire series can be had for less than my latest book alone normally costs. 🙂 Maybe they’ve been wanting to check out the Wake-Robin Ridge series, where things still go bump in the night, or the Riverbend books, where the eccentric people in the little Florida town are weird enough without anything paranormal at all. Or better yet, for less than $6.00, they can check out all of them! 😀 Such a deal!! 😉

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    1. It sure is a great deal, Marcia, and getting plenty of sharing on Twitter I notice 😀
      I indulged and added Harbinger to my TBR pile, thank you.


  2. That’s great, Debby! I hope you like it. Rabbit is back, in rare form, having usurped that entire series. He’s impossible to ignore, I’m afraid, and he doesn’t stop talking in my ear until I write down what he has to say. (He had PLENTY to say about the Black Dog, I can tell ya!) Happy reading! 🙂 ❤

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