Book review: Desprite Measures by Deborah Jay (@DeborahJay2) #Fantasy #UrbanFantasy

Another total surprise review this week πŸ˜€ this time for Desprite Measures.

K.J's Athenaeum

Cassie, a water sprite, had been living 51HQrmAnUJL._SY346_alone within the lochs for centuries, but as man adapted and developed so too did their technology. Plumbing made things particularly tricky for an elemental who likes to stay in her water form. Eventually she surrendered and moved to land to look and live like them. She had a small collection of friends and it was all going fine, until she was tricked, imprisoned and abducted. Held against her will by an evil magician she was pitted against a creature of her opposing nature, to touch the salamander could be to destroy all of Scotland, and yet, she feels drawn to her, tempted beyond anything she has felt before. Against her better judgement she seeks Gloria out again in hope to protect others from suffering a similar imprisonment, and instead finds herself caught up in a quest for revenge. Can she cool Gloria’s…

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  1. Thanks to your book, I know what a sprite is. This looks and sounds great.

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    1. It was the sprite that tormented Rustam in Prince’s Man that inspired this book – she isn’t anything like that one, but it got me thinking about a type of central character I hadn’t seen done before.
      And I really did enjoy writing her!


  2. Congrats Deb. I know that wonderful feeling every time a new and wonderful review rolls in. It never gets taken for granted. πŸ™‚ x

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    1. Thanks Deb – it’s even better when you don’t expect it, isn’t it?

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      1. Absolutely! πŸ™‚

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  3. davidjrogersftw · · Reply

    I like this review very much ,and the book sounds beautiful to me.Well, I’m a sucker for enchantment. If the story’s enchanted you’ve got me. Best of luck with the book, Deborah.

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    1. Thanks David, πŸ˜€


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