What a lovely new #review of THE PRINCE’S MAN #fantasy #EpicFantasy

What a lovely surprise to find this wonderful new review of THE PRINCE’S MAN on Sally Cronin’s fabulous blog Smorgasbord‘ . If you haven’t yet discovered Sally’s blog, take a look – the title really does describe it to a tee.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Elves, Magic, and Spies–what a fast-moving tale
By Jacqui Murray VINE VOICE on September 7, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

Deborah Jay’s The Prince’s Man (Amazon Digital Services 2014) is a beautifully told epic of noble people, magic, elves, and vicious trolls. Rusty is a bon vivant male companion to wealthy women and undercover spy in the service of his king. To save the kingdom, he partners with a woman–something that just isn’t done in this fantastical world–and together they rescue a captured elf in the hope it will garner the assistance of his kinsmen. As they travel the long journey required to return him to his home, they face trolls, sprites, and elementals, each with their own goals and none of which help the pair succeed. When they finally reach their destination, they find this is only the beginning of a mission fraught with danger, unusual alliances, and death-defying consequences. 

This elaborately constructed world of royalty and spies, intrigue and romance, truly is a mix of fantasy and 007. In so many ways, it resembles the delightful conniving multilayered world of the French and British court life with its flirtatious characters, the one-upmanship of lords and ladies, and the subterfuge that can surface at any moment to threaten the ruler. But when you add an elixir that offers the fountain of youth, the price of victory or defeat skyrockets. This award-winning story, the first in the Five Kingdoms series, is intricately woven, dramatically told, and filled with twists and turns that will keep every reader guessing. 


And a huge thank you to the author of this review, Jacqui Murray, who blogs at  https://worddreams.wordpress.com/

So glad you enjoyed it!




  1. I forget how I found your book but what a find it is. I truly enjoyed it, Deborah.

    1. I’m delighted you found it and enjoyed it so much!
      I remember you being interested in the tagline, ‘James Bond meets LOTR’ – was it on The Write Stuff?

  2. Huge congrats Deb! It was great seeing Jacqui’s review featured on Sal’s blog. And in answer to your question you left Jacqui, I think you saw that comment on my blog when I featured your Spy and the Lady and The Prince’s Man last week, lol. I know we can get dizzy trying to remember where we were when we saw something. 🙂 x

    1. Aha! Deb, thank you, NOW I remember! Yes, it was your blog, thanks again for featuring The Spy and the Lady, that’s exactly where Jacqui saw it 😀.

      1. Yes it was. Glad my post enticed Jacqui to read. 🙂

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