#BookReview – CENTAUR OF THE CRIME by Michael Angel ~#Fantasy and Forensics book #1 #humour

I’ve been storing this one up for a while, but finally found time to read it, and I’m so pleased I did. It came highly recommended by my friend Leiah, who has gone on to become editor for further books in the series. You can read her excellent recommendations at https://soireadthisbooktoday.com/ and although she is not blogging or reviewing regularly at the moment, there are plenty of fabulous reviews stored on her site already.

In the mean time, here is my review of Book One of the ‘Fantasy and Forensics’ series.


Centaur of the CrimeCentaur of the Crime by Michael Angel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The tagline ‘CSI meets CS Lewis’ is absolutely perfect for this rollicking adventure, book #1 of ‘Fantasy and Forensics’.
LA Crime Scene Analyst Dayna Chrissie’s latest job seems at first just messy (and smelly – par for the course with dead bodies). But it takes a deadly turn when someone starts shooting at her as she examines the slightly weird body at the crime scene, and the strange medallion she finds inside one of the victim’s wounds catapults her into another world.
A very different world. A medieval world where she has just three days to find out who murdered Good King Benedict of Andeluvia to prevent a war between humans and centaurs. Yes, there is a connection between the first body and the second, but you’ll have to read it to find out.
Chrissie doesn’t get off to a great start in Andeluvia. Most of the nobles don’t want her there, everyone is horrified at her suggestion of autopsying their king’s body, and over the space of a few hours she manages to collect a group of misfit assistants – the centaur magician Galen, disgraced son of the centaur king, the elderly griffin Grimshaw, and the Fayleene princling Liam, who looks like Bambi with one horn, and is the only one of his race who fails to bring good luck.
In a race against time, betrayals abound, and Chrissie has to use her abilities to think beyond the obvious to solve what turns out to be more than one crime. On both worlds.
Excellent writing, breathless action and massive doses of humour and humanity make this book an absolute hoot – and I say that with the utmost respect to the Andeluvian Parliament. (Read it, then you’ll understand).
Frankly, I can hardly wait to get stuck into the next one. I don’t have anything negative to say about it. Ideal for fans of Piers Anthony, if you can see yourself enjoying this type of wacky mix of species and magic along with a dollop of gruesome forensics, then I highly recommend this series.

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  1. This sounds excellent. I’m into fantasy thanks to your book. I just finished it–wow. I’ll be posting a review to Amazon, Goodreads, my blog as soon as I catch my breath.

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    1. Oooh, thank you Jacqui! A convert! So pleased you enjoyed it 😀


  2. You’re such a wonderful reviewer Deb. And just to let you know, I’m plugging you this week on my Sunday book review blog. ❤

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    1. Thank you, and THANK YOU!!! 😀

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      1. Pleasure my friend. 🙂 xx

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