1. Hope you feel better soon, Debby! I did try to sign up, honest. Twice. But I never received the confirmation letter. 😦 I will try again, and let you know what happens. And congratulations on this one. Beautiful cover! 🙂


    1. Thanks Marcia.
      And arghhh! Why do things never work as they’re supposed to, especially when you don’t feel so great?
      I checked the subscription links and they all worked for me. HOWEVER, the confirmation email DID go into m junk mail, so you could check and see if it’s in yours?


  2. Hi Deb. Sorry to hear about the dreaded ‘airplane’ cold, don’t I know all about it! You need to take a tip from me and start wearing a mask on those planes, it’s the only way! 🙂 Oh, and I believe I’ve signed up long ago for your mailing list?? But I never received anything in my email from you? Are you able to see who your subscribers are? I just don’t want to sign up again then WP sends me yet more duplicate emails which happens frequently. I”d love a copy! ❤

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    1. Hmm. I sent a newsletter out a couple of days ago – you should have had it, you are definitely on the list.
      I’m falling out of love with Mailchimp right now, too many mails not arriving, links not working etc., and no tech support because I use the free option – not even any contact where I can report things that don’t work.
      Email me with the format you want and I’ll send it on over.

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      1. Thanks Deb. I’ve heard many probs with Mailchimp lately. I use them to, to send out my blogs once a week. I’ve gone there many times to try and set up a new campaign but found it confusing so I’ve never restructured it to send out anything else. You’re right there is no help and I don’t have more hours to fiddle with it. So sorry to hear about your troubles with it too. I’ll drop you a line later. 🙂

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