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I’m working in the beautiful Highlands just now, with an intense programme of coaching sessions to deliver. I’ve had the frustrating interruption of an unscheduled migraine in the middle (first one in such a long time it caught me by surprise), so I reckoned instead of trying to dig out a more profound post from my tired brain, sharing a few more funnies wouldn’t go amiss.

As I just saw THE LION KING for the first time, this one is very appropriate…




See you on the flip side…




  1. Lol, good ones Deb. A whim, a whim, a whim, lol. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Deb. Annoyingly the migraine is clinging on though not at any great intensity, just enough to keep me from spending too long in front of a computer screen 😬

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      1. Arg, I know that one. Have you tried wearing sunglasses while on the computer on those days? 🙂

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      2. No! That’s a new one on me – I’ll give it a go.
        My biggest issue with these migraines is that I get incredibly sick. I’m lucky I don’t get visual disturbances so I can keep on teaching, but at its worst all I want to do is lie flat and be silent.
        Took another tablet today after another rocky start, and feeling better tonight so fingers crossed its gone away.

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      3. Sheesh, I hope so Deb. I used to get them years ago, so I know exactly what you feel. Many, including myself find it difficult to look at light when in the throes of a migraine, blocking the light helps. But hoping you’ve finally got rid of it. ❤

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  2. I’m on the ‘flip’ side now (Friday morning) and enjoying your funnies. Helps the day go by with a smile. xo


    1. Glad you enjoyed them, I know I do 😀

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