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Although I just released a new book (The Prince’s Son), as it is the second in series (even though it stands alone, ‘Book Two’ is emblazoned on the cover), I decided against promoting it except to my existing contacts (Facebook, Twitter and email list) because why would anyone buy #2 if they haven’t yet read #1?

So I embarked on a promotion for #1 instead, and I’m always grateful to others who share their results, so thought I would reciprocate.

This book has been promoted on nearly all these sites multiple times already, so I decided to experiment with some new ones that are, to my mind, costly, to see if they would be worth using again. This meant I was investing money I wasn’t necessarily expecting to recoup, and as THE PRINCE’S MAN has been marketed so much before, I also wasn’t expecting huge figures – at least, not unless I could score a BookBub ad.

Which, of course, I didn’t. I will keep trying.

So without further rambling, here are my results.

Bear in mind, this was a price reduction sale, with the book at $0.99/£0.99 reduced from $3.99/£3.49. On Amazon, this of course has the negative effect of also dropping royalties to 35% instead of 70%, so each book sold brought an income of only about $0.34/£0.34

Still, that’s a bit more than you get for a FREE promotion!   $10    – sold  1   $25                                             – sold 10    FREE this time                                                                                        – sold  5   $20                                                                                               – sold  3    $30                                           – sold 52    $12                                                                                                         – sold  3      $50                                                                                           – sold 23 (this one has a guaranteed number of sales, which was 25, but as the refund is in the form of a voucher off future advertising, I won’t be using it).  $20                                                                                     – sold 42       pay-per-click over a threshold of £1 – this generated 9 clicks which is below that threshold.                                                                                                                                                    – sold 1    currently FREE                                                                               – sold 1


FREE advertising sites

I also used the following, though I’m not entirely certain if the book was featured or not – most of them are non-guaranteed free ads, and they don’t notify you about inclusion.


So there you have it – my first money-losing advertising campaign, but as I didn’t expect to sell huge numbers, I’m looking on it as a good investment, helping me to decide which sites are useful for the future.

  1. ENT (Ereader News Today) came out tops, even though that’s less than half the sales I’ve had with them before (I last advertised this book with them during the summer, so still fairly recent).
  2. BookBarbarian (a genre site) also performed well again, though also below previous campaigns. On the other side of the coin, it was the best value for money as the ad was $10 cheaper than ENT.
  3. BookPraiser came in 3rd, though not covering the cost of the ad
  4. eBookBetty was worth it because this time the ad was FREE (they do special offers at times)

I think for future reference, I will restrict myself mostly to these few sites, plus all those offering free ads. Of course the advertising landscape is constantly changing, with new sites (BookRaid and BookPebble are both recent newbies), and pricing structures are always subject to change, but the above is quite a good list to get started with.

Do bear in mind that my books are Fantasy, and some of these sites are genre specific. Other sites work for genres other than mine, and are no good to me, but they might be to you.

The GOOD NEWS is that The Prince’s Man is continuing to sell a couple copies a day at full price, and the hoped-for sell through to Book 2 has been quite successful, plus I’ve gained some new reviews.

It’s always hard to quantify precisely what constitutes a ‘successful’ promotion, but despite the small numbers and the expense, I’m happy with the knock on effects. I’d like one day to get back to the heady heights I hit with my debut release (yes, that was The Prince’s Man), where it sold 1500 copies in the first 3 months, but (a) the indie world has become so much more competitive, and (b) I plan on getting the trilogy completed before really focussing on serious marketing.

What are your favourite ad sites? Or do you use other routes to get your books in front of readers?




  1. Hi Deb. I sure appreciate you sharing your findings! I’m just not sure, did you put the book on free? When you noted how many you sold were those actual sales of Prince’s Man with profit or were they download for free?
    I’ve been doing a little experimenting myself every time I run a promo. I’ve been using some of those free sites you mentioned. This last time I decided not to pay for any ads! I used on, lovelyebooks, and bookpebble. Like you say, some don’t let you know you’re accepted, but readingdeals and bookpebble emailed me I was accepted and let me know what days they’d run the ad. I ran my latest book, P.S. I Forgive You on FREE, and got about 1500 downloads, also noticed more sales on the first book Conflicted Hearts and 2 of my other books, 2 new reviews so far and 3 more people telling me they ‘re in process of reading and will review. So I say for free, not bad eh?
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas day and wishing you much happiness and success for the new year. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I realised yesterday (middle of Christmas day) that I should have clarified my sale details – going back to do so now!
      It was a 99c sale, so a little money coming in, though not much. More about getting more copies into people’s hands, and that lovely review I just shared was one of the results – well worth it, I say.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, every nice review is inspiring. Also, I will add that kindlecountdowns, although bring some profit, aren’t nearly as effective for me as putting on free. 🙂


      2. When I do countdown sales I always set them with just a single increment, so it stays on 99c the whole way through, and I’ve found those good.
        I rarely do free days as I think you need lots of books of a similar style to benefit from giving one away. Once I have a complete series finished I will probably go there.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks. I may try that once again but keeping it at .99 cents. 🙂

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  2. Very kind of you to share all these wonderful sites, Deborah. 🙂


    1. My pleasure, Kev. I’ve had such great help from other Indies I want to enter my contribution into the general pool.
      I’m working on a huge list of sale sites I plan on publishing, only problem being they keep changing! Those listed on this page are the ones I’ve found good for my specific genre in the past, plus BooksButterfly which I always thought was pricey, and I won’t use again.
      Glad I could be of assistance 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Some of the ones I’ve used no longer exist so I understand what you mean. I don’t even bother with a lot of them anymore, but it’s good to share with others all the same. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I have a large list of ones I don’t bother with anymore either, though some of that’s a genre thing, because other people find them useful.
        Some are just plain ineffective for anything!

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      3. I agree. 🙂

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