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You do edit your writing before letting anyone read it, right?

Unless you want an opinion of the really raw product as you produce it, you probably do some editing before you show your work to even your alpha readers, let along beta readers. Have you ever considered using editing software?

Sure, software can’t take the place of a flesh and blood human being, but considering how much money you might have to spend hiring an editor, it makes sense to polish your manuscript as far as you can before sending it to them.

Enter software designed to help you in this task.

I’ve wondered about taking this step for years (procrastination? Hell yes!), taken free trials, and used free versions of all sorts, but I’ve never taken the plunge and invested in such until now.

 Standout Books is one of many writing blogs I subscribe to. Their review of the ProWritingAid software caught my attention – it isn’t often someone actually reviews a tool like this, outlining its advantages and short comings in such helpful detail.

Interested, I plugged in a sample to their free option, just as I’ve done with many others over the years, but hey – this one looked really great! So versatile, adaptable to different types of writing, and brimming with individual tools.

I won’t go into the ins and outs myself – you can read the review here and make up your own mind, but on top of the ease of use and its amazing scope, the price was really good. AND, to clinch the deal, Standout Books are offering a 25% voucher off the price!

With that in mind, I chose to purchase a 3 year licence, which cost me the grand total of $60! That’s $20 a year – and I challenge you to not save that much on your final editing bill if you use this to clean up your manuscript before you send it off.

Of course, you may be an expert in grammar, sentence construction etc., in which case you don’t need this tool. But, despite all my years of writing professionally (more than 20 now – admittedly much of that in non-fiction) I’m still learning. I’ve only scratched the surface of what this software can do so far, but I was stunned to discover how many redundant words I had in what I considered an almost ‘clean’ manuscript. And who knew how many sentences I began with present participles (words ending in ‘ing’)?

I certainly didn’t until this software highlighted it. Now when I read those sentences I can see how many of them are back to front in terms of action, where I just liked the flow it seemed to create in my narrative…

Do any of you use other, similar tools?



  1. I do, and I do recommend them for people who are able to understand that the program doesn’t understand context, and the author/editor must have some basic knowledge of how the language they are writing in works. But I agree–and during revisions of work too short to bother my editor with, the *only* way to edit my own work (as I always see what is meant to be there) is to use an editing program. For my own work I go one step further, and have my computer read my edited work back to me the next morning, and then I revise it again.

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    1. Aha! That’s very interesting, coming from an editor – and encouraging too. Which software do you use, Connie?
      I’ve also been considering software to read my work back to me but I haven’t got that far yet. What do you recommend?


  2. Claire @ bletheringbylinley · · Reply

    Huh – I’ve never thought of an editing software, but am quite intrigued now! Sounds as though it’d be at least worth a trial…


    1. I’ve seen and trialled quite a few over the last couple of years, and almost always learn something about my writing from the freebie trial they offer, I just haven’t taken the plunge and actually paid for one before. If it hadn’t been such good value, I might not have this time either.
      You can use the freebie, you don’t have to buy, but you are limited to a certain number of words per day, and I don’t have the time to go through my novel at 3000 words a day!

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  3. Deb, I’m trying everything to comment here, lol. Weirdpress won’t let me comment on most blogs. I’m thinking about this app too. Love Standout books!


    1. Weird indeed, I had to approve your comment as if you aren’t a WordPress user…shrugs.
      They are great for depth in their features, aren’t they?


  4. Deb, I came back here on purpose to see if this comment went through last night. I left about 4 comments and the one that came through I signed in with FB! Hence, I didn’t receive your reply either. Something won’t allow my comments from WP to be submitted. I’m tearing my hair out wasting precious ‘should be publishing’ time. 😦


    1. How frustrating!


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