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Neil Gaiman AND Thor? In one book? Be still, my heart! Just thought I’d share this  with those who might be as excited as I am by the thought of a Gaiman anthology based on all the Norse mythology, from the beginning of the nine worlds, to Ragnarok, to rebirth. I’ve already preordered! (And for those who pick up on the line about Thor not being “the wisest of gods,” I’ll just say this: “Brains? Thor has brains, too?”) 😀

To read more and choose your preorder site, clickHERE.


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  1. Claire @ bletheringbylinley · · Reply

    Pre-ordered this morning – and will be hopping from one foot to the other between now and February!!

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    1. Lol, don’t get too tired!


      1. Claire @ bletheringbylinley · ·

        Best cardio ever!

        Liked by 1 person

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