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Woohoo! It’s Open for Business, Folks! A #MysteryGoneMad giveaway worth over $200. You want books? We have SIX of them, signed,  for some lucky winner! You’d like a nice, hot cup of tea to sip while reading? We’ve created SIX custom tea blends, each named for the books in the #MystgeryGoneMad boxed set. And, we’ve added some really cool mugs, custom made for the MGM set, too. All this, and $30 in Amazon gift cards, in case you want to go shopping after you finish reading. And tea sipping. And admiring your new  mugs.

What are you waiting for? Did I mention it’s free? Head right on over to Rafflecopter and enter the drawing:
Mystery Gone Mad Giveaway

And when you’re finished there, run, don’t walk, to Amazon to Pre-Order yourMystery Gone Mad boxed set.You know you want to read this collection of murder and mayhem: A Dead Husband by…

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Debby! (Sorry about missing that typo, DOH!) I had a ton of fun creating a different custom tea blend for each of the books in the boxed set. My own is St. Johns River Mystery Blend, and is a very rich, malty blend, with a slight hint of caramel. ALL of them are yummy! 😀

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    1. My pleasure, and good luck with it – sounds like an awesome collection and lots of fun. Oh, and that tea sounds lovely – we finally had weather hot enough a few weeks ago for me to appreciate the Raspberry Cooler you sent with the copy of Swamp Ghosts ages ago. Nice 🙂


  2. You know, I drink that one hot, too. 🙂 But then, hot tea is always my first choice, unless it’s mid-summer and sweltering. (Which it has been here for three straight months. ) I still drink hot tea in the morning, and cold decaf tea in the afternoon. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s one of Willow’s favorites. 😉

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    1. I tried it once before, and wasn’t that taken with it, but when the hot weather rolled around I tried it again and liked it much better – definitely its native environment!


      1. I can’t remember which ones I sent you now, but some are really, really good. I don’t drink anything with mint in it very often. Also, flavored teas don’t last forever. They don’t “spoil” per se, but the flavorings will weaken over time. So they are always better fresh, while the flavor is still full strength. Of course, mine don’t last long enough to lose flavor. I go through so much tea, it’s crazy, and I can only drink TWO cups in the morning, and one or two cups of decaf in the afternoon, or I’m up all night. Only herbal teas are totally caffeine-free, since the process only removes about 90% of the caffeine. Ah, tea. It’s a sub-culture all its own, kind of like wine. Only better. (To me.) 😀


      2. Lol, I drink lots of fruit teas as a way of reducing calorie intake – they taste great (to me) and are almost calorie-free, unlike fruit juices!


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