Olympic memories

Today I’m reblogging an old post of mine, bringing back wonderful memories of my involvement in the London 2012 Olympics.
I’m still wearing some of the gear – the trousers and trainers are just fabulous!


Forgive the departure from all things writing, I am indulging myself today with memories of one of the most fantastic weeks of my life.

Exactly one year ago today, Great Britain topped winning the Olympic team gold medal for dressage with individual gold and bronze in the freestyle competition.

And for one tiny fraction of a second, I knew this before the rest of the world!


Because I was one of the computer operators, sitting alongside the judges and inputing their scores as they gave them…

391454_10151133552091815_1498052378_n[1] That’s my great niece, Phoebe, pointing me out on the TV screen.

So here are some of those great memories, courtesy of friends in the crowd 🙂

Team Spain Team Spain

Laura B - GB Laura B – GB

My view, from inside the judge's box My view, from inside the judge’s box

Carl Hester - team GB Carl Hester – team GB

Getting back into our box after a break Getting back into our box after a break

Team Spain Team Spain

Charlotte and Valegro in action - team GB Charlotte and Valegro in action – team GB

Concentrating hard Concentrating…

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  1. I am watching the Dressage competition right now! Wheeeee!!!!!!


    1. It was a truly fabulous competition, so many great rides from so many different countries. Inspiring 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I loved them all. I hated seeing the one horse being turned into the ring markers and spooking – the girl with the horse that was such a crazy animal when she got him though, that was a truly inspiring story! Of course, I am a sucker for huge black horses, so that one grabbed my attention right away! I still have some to watch, I am drawing it out to enjoy longer!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are doing better than me, I didn’t get to see them all, not enough time to watch or enough capacity on my recorder. Enjoy!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I have dish network, so I have a lot of download space. Maybe you can go to the Olympics site and watch there? I saw there was jumping going on this morning, can’t wait to watch!


      4. I’d love to, but time isn’t with men this Olympics, and I’ve seen the ones I really wanted to see.
        And, oh yes, hey, we just won another gold – in the show jumping… 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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