New release #BookReview: THE SIREN by Elicia Hyder #Paranormal #Romance

Elicia Hyder’s ‘Soul Summoner’ series continues…

The Siren

Just released, this is the second instalment in Elicia Hyder’s ‘Soul Summoner’ series, and you can see my review of the first book here.

I enjoyed the first one so much – which was a complete surprise to me, as it’s quite light on the fantasy element – that I signed up to read an ARC of the second.

And I’m so pleased I did!

Here’s my review of THE SIREN

The Siren (The Soul Summoner Series Book 2)The Siren by Elicia Hyder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I posted 5 stars for the first book in this series and I’m here to do the same for the second – a great achievement for a sequel.
There are no serial killers this time around, although the story starts out with the discovery that one of the supposed victims from the first book is alive and well, and living in Texas. She also appears to be akin to Sloane and Warren, in supernatural terms, which means they just have to go find her, in hopes that she knows more about what they are than they do.
Although the plot initially seems a bit secondary to the development of the characters and their relationships, the writing is so good it just drags you in without letting you notice the passage of time: excellent dialogue, great visual imagery, wonderfully complex (and realistic) characterisation – my perfect read. Mix in a little paranormal mystery, and I’m already anticipating the next one not so patiently.
I’m not going to go into the plot, as that’s tricky to do without spoilers, so suffice it to say there is more of the supernatural this time around, plus a rollercoaster of emotional events, and the ending, while wrapping this story line up satisfactorily, opens up a whole new vista for future books. I’ll just say angels and demons, so you get a little of the flavour of which type of supernatural this series involves, so if you like your novels with huge depth of character, sexy but sensitive men, lighter on the fantasy side, and in a contemporary setting, then this series is most definitely for you.

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Have you been disappointed by some sequels? Or have you found that they tended to deliver? As I’m getting closer to releasing my own second in series, I’m wondering how readers will react to a story that goes (probably) not where they are expecting it to go.


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