The Times A-Changing For Kindle

Really useful to know about this BEFORE it happens!

Libby Cole

Change is coming to Kindle! This is particularly big news for romance readers and writers, because damn, we get through so many books that most of us are eReader addicts.

I know, change is scary, but I think these are genuinely exciting! For one thing, it’s linking to your Goodreads and Amazon wishlist. So you might actually get through that enormous TBR list. (However slow the process may be…)

Home-Screen_MRL-2._V299522329_ Here’s what those wishlists will look like

You can also get recommendations from what your Goodreads buddies are reading, as well as bestsellers in the genres you read. It refreshes every time you turn on the Kindle from sleep mode.

Home-Screen_Bottom-Slot-2._V299523962_ Fun!

The last change I’m most excited for is the ease of sharing favourite quotes – because let’s face it, I’m reeeally lazy about that on Goodreads currently. Now it can be as simple as highlighting!

KP-CRM-landingPage-5-971x1079-2._V299520948_ So. Easy.

I promise this isn’t…

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  1. Kindle is full of surprises; it can do so much more as every new version comes out. 🙂


    1. I love my kindle!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ditto! 🙂


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