Wouldn’t It Be Great to Have a Magic Button on Your Keyboard That Corrects Everything? But #Editing and #Proofreading Need to be Done by a Human Being. Here’s Why!

Words of wisdom on the editing process – great information, especially if you haven’t yet embarked on this essential step.

BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor

Don't you wish you had one of these on your keyboard?

It would be wonderful to have a special button on your keyboard that would read your writing and correct every error, typo, wrong word, omitted word, added word, or verb tense. It would be really amazing if the “edit key” would automatically rewrite awkward sentences, paragraphs, or chapters. There are software packages that attempt to go beyond the rigidity of spell/grammar-check, but do they do a better job?

No, not really, or only marginally. The computer or software package would have to comprehend the content, distinguish whether the entire piece has a theme, rewrite sentences and paragraphs to support that theme, and draw a convincing conclusion.

How can the basic rules of grammar or spelling downloaded into a software package cover all the exceptions to the rules in language and enhance the quality of the writing? It is not possible. Technology cannot grasp ideas and concepts; nor can it recognize the effectiveness of an argument to convince someone to buy, sell, invest, fund a grant, or use your company. There is…

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  1. Wonderful to see Deb’s post reblogged here Deb. Lol, I was going to reblog it in a day or so, but I think I’ll bring it back to life in another week or so for new exposure. Great piece! 🙂

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    1. It is, isn’t it? And good idea – I shall expect to see it again next week.

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      1. Indeed! 🙂

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