#0.99c #Sale – DESPRITE MEASURES, a unique eco #UrbanFantasy

I know most of you have seen or read this book, but for newcomers to my weird and wonderful world of fantasy – welcome, and please do grab a copy of DESPRITE MEASURES – the Caledonian Sprite series #1 while it’s on sale – only until the 28th of December.

rsz_desprite_measuresebook (3)


On the surface she’s a cute and feisty blonde; a slender pocket rocket fitness coach. But Cassiopeia Lake has a secret; she’s really a force of nature – an elemental.

Water sprite, Cassie, has lived undisturbed in her native Scottish loch for eons. Now, one encounter too many with modern plumbing has driven her to live in human guise along with her selkie boyfriend, Euan. It’s all going fine – until a nerdy magician captures Cassie to be an unwilling component in his crazy dangerous experiment.

Escape is only Cassie’s first challenge.

She’s smitten by her fellow prisoner, the scorching hot fire elemental, Gloria. But how do you love someone you can never touch?

And what do you do when your boyfriend starts to hero-worship your persecutor? Not to mention that tricky situation of being the prize in a power contest between two rival covens of witches.

So when Gloria’s temper erupts and she sets out to murder the magician, can Cassie keep her loved ones safe from the cross-fire, or will she be sucked into the maelstrom of deadly desires and sink without trace?

Available on AMAZON

Want to know more?

Desprite Measures has a pretty unusual enhancement – live links embedded in the text where, with the right reader, you can access photographs and information about the real locations featured in the book.

If you don’t have that type of reader, you can find a whole page of location photos here

And if you find reviews help you to make decisions, you can find a selection here – all genuine!

Even better


If you want to check out my writing first, or you love the book and want more, just sign up for my infrequent newsletter here, and I will send you a FREE Caledonian Sprite short story. Just tell me in the info box which format you want, mobi, epub or PDF, and it will appear in your inbox like magic.

What more could you want?

Oh, actually, there is a little bit more! Visit this page on my blog, and at the bottom you will find a little extra…

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