#ScottishHighlands – Glen Cannich, our last day. For now…

And so to wrap up the autumn holiday jaunt…

Having taken you with us to visit Plodda Falls and Tomich, we STILL managed to squeeze a little more into this wonderful day: a drive down Glen Cannich, which is one glen over from Glen Affric

2015-10-26 23.29.41

Once again, apologies for the speed of my panning – I really will learn to take it more slowly!

Just blissful views

2015-10-26 23.46.25

and then the staggering sight of man’s intervention

2015-10-27 00.28.39

2015-10-27 00.25.07

That’s one hell of a wall, isn’t it?

And so, to the other side…

2015-10-27 00.05.05

And looking the opposite way, down Loch Mullardoch

2015-10-26 23.59.10

On the right of this picture, near the top of the near hill, you might just make out a little structure. Curious, as I didn’t remember seeing it there before, I just had to go take a look, and this is what I found.

2015-10-27 00.05.30

Et voila, for any Chisholms out there, here is your Stone

2015-10-27 00.05.15

And so to the final trek home, back along the length of this beautiful, wild glen. I’d been keeping an ear open (it’s rutting season for the red deer), but today was all quiet. I was just a tad disappointed, as I’ve never been down this glen without seeing some wildlife, when, here he was, standing just off the road!

2015-10-27 00.30.37

These guys don’t quite count as wildlife, but they do illustrate a passage from Desprite Measures where Cassie worries about being driven at speed on the Highland roads, because when the signs say ‘Animals on the road’, they really mean it!

2015-10-27 00.44.57

To close, a wonderful view of the patchwork effect that autumn introduces to the forest

2015-10-27 00.42.54

Don’t you all just wish you’d been there too?

Let me know if you ever get to visit – I can tell you all the best places to go 🙂




  1. Disappearing magic rocks…
    fuzzy antlered deer…
    and a nice, pretty, fat, white-faced black cow.
    Thanks for sharing, Deborah!
    Happy Autumn!
    ~Icky. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers! You too 😀


  2. Deb, these photos are gorgeous. Thanks for taking me through the Glens, and the place where Cassie resides (sometimes) :). And I had to laugh at your comment of panning the video. There is nobody worse than me for shaking video up and down when recording, lol. Hey, we can’t be great at everything! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, at least YouTube now has the ability to reduce the shakiness if you wish – and I often use it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely drive! Someday, maybe I’ll see it all myself, including the famous disappearing stone of the Chisholms. Thanks for sharing, Deb! Always nice to see your pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers! Winter ones in the near future, if the snow forecast for next week arrives…
      Assuming I can actually get back up there!


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