Another small slice of the #ScottishHighlands

My last trip to the Highlands is fading into the past, but I still have lots of photos I haven’t shared, (and plenty I’m not going to, either!), so here is another little slice of heaven…

Driving back from Plodda Falls (see the waterfall post here, if you haven’t already – and if not, why not?), we passed a number of picture-worthy places.

This one is, as far as I can tell, a hunting lodge, part way down the track to the falls. Who wouldn’t love to stay here?

2015-10-26 21.58.48

Just look at these perfect reflections…

2015-10-26 21.59.24

I couldn’t choose between these, so at the risk of boring you, here’s the last one

2015-10-26 21.59.49

Then there is this little gem

2015-10-26 22.05.16

SO, onto the nearby village, Tomich, where there are monuments to Lord Tweedmouth, who owned the estate in the 1880s, built the first viewing bridge over the falls, and was also – amazing and unexpected fact – the man who originated the GOLDEN RETRIEVER dog breed!

2015-10-26 22.11.11

2015-10-26 22.10.57

Now I’ve owned and bred Golden Retrievers, but this was a revelation to me first time we took the even longer path past the falls and came across the sadly burned out and long deserted shell of the family mansion. There are information plaques down there. telling all about how he developed the breed.

Back in Tomich, there is also this awesome drinking trough, just beside the road.

2015-10-26 22.11.34

Grand, isn’t it?

We drove down one more glen that day, and I’ll post those pics soon.

I thought I’d leave you with another piece of Scottish tradition, taken outside the sumptuous shopping outlet, Brodie Countryfare, where I stopped for a wee bit of Christmas shopping.

Marcia, this one is for you – sorry I couldn’t find a younger model, but you did just say ‘men in kilts’ not specifically ‘hunks in kilts’…




  1. Good doggie!

    Is the watering trough still in use?


    1. Sadly not, though I haven’t seen many horses passing that way to need watering. Its a bit too high for the doggies…


  2. Deb, fantastic share here. I’m also now curious about ‘the photos you’re not going to share’. LOL. The Highlands are gorgeous and no doubt can stimulate the creative juices for story settings. And interesting fast fact there on Golden Retrievers, I’ll have to relate that to my dog-lovin’ sister.

    Oh, and of course, lol, to the kilt for Marcia!!! 🙂 ❤


    1. Lol, I took so many there’s no way to find the time to upload them all. Besides, I think people might lose interest by then, even though it is so beautiful. Nothing more intriguing than that, I’m afraid.
      Well, probably not 😉
      It’s certainly inspiration heaven for writers – there is a popular writer’s retreat up here, surprise, surprise.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No surprise on the retreat. And lol again to no mysterious pictures being held back by you. Too funny! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahaha. I LOVE it, Deb!! A kilt improves almost ANY man, and this one still cuts a fine figger, as they say. PLUS, he’s playing the pipes, and, and that makes me smile all over! You better watch out! More scenery like this (both the gorgeous photos and the piper) and I’m going to have to come visit and ask for a guided tour!

    Made my day, you sweet lady! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are agreed on the kilt and pipes, no question.
      I do think we should try and plan reciprocal visits – I’d love to see your part of the world too 😀


  4. Over the years, I’ve met many of my online friends in person, so you never can tell. It just might happen. You can take me to see MEN IN KILTS, and I’ll take YOU to see…umm…alligators? Snakes? Men in straw hats and overalls? Yeah. That’s fair. (*snort*)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. […] taken you with us to visit Plodda Falls and Tomich, we STILL managed to squeeze a little more into this wonderful day: a drive down Glen Cannich, […]


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