Enjoying my day job – International #Dressage at #Hickstead

Another quick catch up on my non-writerly activities: competition season is reaching it’s peak, and I spent last week working at the International Dressage at Hickstead – a Nations Cup competition, plus some eager individuals seeking qualifying scores for Rio – riders from pretty new dressage-competing nations, such as Singapore and Iran.

I like to mix up my work at the shows a bit, and I just love being busy, so in between doing my usual computer operating as scorer for the judges (which I did at London 2012 – yay, time of my life), I attend my compulsory annual  judge training session, and do my share of expert commentating. Sadly the feed goes out live, and isn’t recorded. Sigh. Perhaps they’ll eventually figure out that it might make good advertising for the show, to put some of it on their website…

So in the meantime, you will just have to make do with photographs.

Hickstead scoringThat’s me in the nearest judge’s box, with the best seat in the house.

Hickstead waveEnjoying my work.

Hickstead commentaryAnd loving commentating. As one of my friends said on facebook – that’s a very odd looking ice cream cone!


  1. You look like you are having fun!

    Your friend looks like she is resting on her schnozze.

    ~Icky. 🙂


    1. LOL, she does, doesn’t she?
      It was her first time commentating and she was concentrating hard.


  2. Love it! You look so happy! I am jealous, you must have had such fun. Congrats!


    1. That’s one of my aims in life – to enjoy my work 😀
      I guess that’s why I work for myself…

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      1. You and me both! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Deb you look FAB, and so official. Do we actually have the same shade of red? LOL 🙂


    1. Cheers! And I’ve been wondering the same thing….

      Liked by 1 person

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