Release Tour & #Review – WE THE PEOPLE: INALIENABLE by Christopher Scott Wagoner #SF #alien


Title: We the People: Inalienable

Author: Christopher Scott Wagoner

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Saga

Length: 277 pages

Release Date: July 1, 2015

ISBN-13: 978-1508484721



“This is bloody awesome!! I was gripped from the start and can’t wait for MORE.” ~ Orchard Book club (UK)

Morticia Thane has a problem. It’s not the fact that she has no memories before two years ago, or even the fact that she can’t die. Thane has been abducted by a top secret military unit, whisked away to a hidden facility in the desert by the stalwart but ruthless Captain Bast.

Thane meets a group of misfits like herself, and discover that they’re not mere prisoners but the last line of defense against a threat from beyond the stars. Can Thane and the others find a way to win? Or will the human race become extinct at the hands of an alien virus?

My Review We the People: InalienableWe the People: Inalienable by Christopher Scott Wagoner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t like zombie books.

I don’t like zombie books.

Do you get the picture clearly enough? I don’t like zombie books – and yet I loved this one!

Perhaps that’s because it’s never totally spelled out that Thane is a zombie, although there’s little doubt (to me) that’s the case. She can survive any physical trauma that gets thrown at her (there are gory bits in this book); she can’t eat (except for her special soup made of – you’ve guessed it – liquidized human organs); if bits of her get cut off, they make their way back to her and re-attach themselves, good as new (useful skill, that!).

It took me a while to realise what she is, and longer for her to do the same, (sorry if this is too much of a spoiler for you), by which time I’d become invested in her situation. The book opens with her trying to find something out about her background, and moves swiftly into a fast-paced action sequence which culminates in her being captured by the military and taken to a secret underground base where they keep other misfits like her. Well, not exactly like her; apart from being teens, they all have very different and often bizarre abilities.

Refreshingly racially diverse, with views of life that range from almost total catatonia, through angry to humorous, this group of waifs and strays make this book so much more than a traditional coming of age adventure. Yes, there is teenage angst; yes, there is the embarrassed teenage sexual fumbling (never explicit, so fine for younger readers); and yes, there is a teenage rebellious streak running through them all of miles wide.

And yet when pitted against a sinister alien also held in the facility, and it comes down to saving the human race, they somehow manage to pull it together in a believable fashion.

This is the first in the ‘We the People’ series, but to my relief it does have an exciting and satisfying climax and resolution to this section of the story – yay for proper endings!

Another reviewer categorized ‘Inalienable’ as Goth Urban Fantasy, and I’d go right along with that description. Highly recommended if this is your type of read.


CSW Chris Wagoner was jettisoned from his doomed home planet as an infant and crash landed in a field in the Midwest. He was taken in by a kindly couple and now lives to fight for truth, justice, and the American way! Sometimes he finds a free moment to pen novels like We the People.



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  1. Looks like an interesting read!


    1. It is! 😀


  2. Thanks so much for reviewing my book on your site. Glad you enjoyed it! IS Thane a zombie? You’ll know for sure by the third book…maybe mwah ha ha ha…


    1. I very much look forward to finding out!


  3. Great review, Debby

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Judith, and for the reblog.
      Although there are (which I forgot to include in the review) rather too many adverbs in this book, I was surprised and pleased at how it engaged me as a reader, when not in critiquing mode.


  4. Sometimes it’s difficult not to read with your writer’s head on, I find


    1. Exactly. I find it hard to overlook things I know my crit partners would point up to me, and vice versa.


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