Seven Fiction Writing Rules for Fiction

Excellent advice here 😀

A Writer's Path


Overwhelmed by fiction-writing advice? Me too, and I’m an editor as well as a writer. Everyone and anyone who has a blog or website seems to be keen on throwing in their penny’s worth. A lot of it is genuinely good advice. But what works for them won’t necessarily be right for you.

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  1. Indeed! 🙂

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  2. I see so many of these posts. As creative writing tutor I’ve often thought how easy it would be for me to tweet about my workshops – then I see how many are doing the same – and I think ‘No’


    1. Judith, I understand your decision – it’s the same reason that I deliberately chose to blog (for the most part) for readers rather than writers; there are so many writing blogs out there already.


      1. And being an avid – if slow reader (because I’m always on the run) I’d rather read posts that could lead me to another book. another author to discover.

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  3. Agreed on all counts ladies. 🙂

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