Film #review – TRUE LIES (1994) #spies #humour #Schwarzenegger

Before you ask why I am reviewing an old film, I’ll explain.

I have one of those annoying summer colds, and while I nurse my Lemsip and tissues, I wanted to watch something just for fun. This film fitted the bill perfectly.

I’d go so far as to say it is one of my favourite, most-watched movies, right alongside The Lord of the Rings series, and the original Star Wars. It always makes me laugh, even though I know the lines back to front by now.

If you enjoy fun films and you’ve never seen it – all I can say is, you should.

Here’s the original movie trailer, just for a taster:



For 15 years, Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenneger) has been living a double life. As an earnest computer salesman, he’s a safe but unexciting husband for legal secretary Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis).

But Harry has another name, and another job, and when Helen wishes for a more thrilling life, little does she know what’s about to come her way…

The opening Bond-esque sequence is wonderfully over-the-top, and Harry’s team all make their mark, especially his many-times divorced foil, ‘Gib’ Gibson (Tom Arnold).

Never paying much attention to political correctness (yay for that!) with a stereotypical Arab terrorist (superb OTT ham job by Art Malik), a beautiful but moral-free art dealer and a large cast of ‘shreddies’, the superb cast romp through the chases, fights, explosions and more gentle moments, never missing the chance for a great gag or one-liner.

Favourite scenes: too many to mention.  If I was forced to pick, it would be the horse chase through the hotel (yes, you heard that right), and Arnie’s attempts at a nonchalant take off in a Harrier Jump Jet.

Favourite lines:

Helen: “Have you ever killed anyone?”

Harry: “Yeah, but they were all bad!”

Jamie Lee Curtis does a fabulous job of playing a gawky housewife, and a truly awesome performance of a woman willing to do whatever it takes to save her marriage, provided it stays within the bounds of propriety. Her nearly naked dance is something to behold – oh, for legs like that!

And not to forget that she packs a mean left hook.

Great pacing, great plot (absurd, yes, but all the threads hang together), great actors; this film has it all.

And it wasn’t until I re-watched it last night, that I even noticed the director: James Cameron, of (amongst many other things) the Terminator movies, Aliens, Titanic, and Avatar.  Wow.

Finally, let’s not forget the tangos that showcase this movie, start and end…

I suspect this may have something to do with my love of spy stories, but if you want a laugh, this could be the movie for you.

Anyone else love this film?





  1. I love new reviews of old movies! I am just going to confess that from the year it first went to video to today, this film has been a Christmas Night tradition in our family–why this particular movie I don’t know, but it is what it is. After the Christmas dinner is cleared away, we gather around the TV in our pajamas and have a great time with Arnold and Jamie. What a fun, adventure of a movie!

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    1. What a fabulous idea! We tend to settle into an extended LOTR watch-a-thon, (extended editions). It’s the only time of year we get a long enough stretch without any work interruptions to guarantee we can get through the whole lot.


  2. This is one I spend time with also – great for a laugh! I am still watching “Murdoch Mysteries” – Winston Churchill was on the one I watched tonight…. the actor who played him as a young man was perfect for the part.

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    1. Always liked Jamie Lee Curtis’s acting. Saw her in something I can’t for the life in me remember the title. In bed , rolling around as the man spoke to her in foreign languages? Hilarious

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    2. I really must catch up on those one day.

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      1. Really enjoying them!

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  3. I have not seen this movie since ’94, but I intend to re-watch it right away!
    Off the top of my head, I’d say my favourite part is the truth-serum/escape scene.
    I am a huge Tia Carrare fan! I can’t wait to see her again! Grr-Rawr!
    Thanks Deborah!
    ~Icky. 🙂

    P.S. Hey Judith, you are thinking of the film, ‘A Fish Named Wanda’, with Kevin Kline.


    1. It was! It was! -‘A Fish Named Wanda’. Thank you

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    2. I can guarantee you’ll have a fun time. And that scene is great too 😀
      Thanks, Icky, for identifying Judith’s memory.


  4. The Chaos Realm · · Reply

    I do! Love Jamie Lee Curtis! 🙂

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    1. Yay! Another fan 😀


  5. Definitely “True Lies” is a film you can’t forget. No so impressed with the remake.


    1. I haven’t seen a re-make; I don’t want to – the original is so good.

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      1. No, Deborah, you do not want to see the remake! It came out about two years ago, I guess. Pathetic!


      2. Cheers – I am forewarned.

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  6. Great movie! 🙂

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    1. It’s lovely to find so many other people with the same taste 😀

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