Get Rid of Repetition: Pleonasms in Your Writing

I’m snowed under with work just now, so sharing some of the great writing posts from my inbox – and this is one of them!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Heading over to read the whole post next. I’m guilty of using a few expressions like this, only never knew there was a name. For instance, I’ll write: He shrugged his shoulders,” and my clever, sharp-eyed editor will comment, “As opposed to what? His knees?” Thank goodness I have her! 🙂

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    1. LOL – so easy to do, isn’t it? All these phrases become such a part of common speech we become ‘blind’ to their redundancy.
      I never knew it had a name either, before this.


  2. Good to know about the name for these sins we’ve all committed. 🙂


    1. Isn’t it just? I would never have suspected there was a name for it, but I guess there’s a name from pretty much anything if you care to seek it out.

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      1. Okay if I use this for my classes, Deborah? It’s brilliant! Thanks


      2. It’s fine by me, Judith, though obviously as a reblog, it’s someone else’s property and you might want to seek permission there.


      3. Thanks, will do J x

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