Saruman passes on – sad news of the death of Christopher Lee


Actor Christopher Lee passed away, aged 93, on Sunday 7th in hospital.

He was a towering presence in so many of the films I grew up with – Dracula, Star Wars, James Bond (did you know he was Ian Flemming’s step-cousin?) and, of course most recently, all the Lord of the Rings films.

The archetypal villain, it probably isn’t a huge surprise to discover that he was a descendant of Charlemagne, and that he had a fascination with public executions.

On the other side, seeing him laugh and joke with his fellow cast members in the ‘making of’ extras in the LOTR box sets, he looked like a great person to work with.

Future villains have a lot to live up to…


  1. Aw. Now I’m sad.


  2. A sad and momentous passing.


  3. Sad news. Another great has left us. . .and on my birthday too! 😦


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