Virtual Launch Party Invite – THE WORLD AND THE STARS – #SFF #anthology

You are all cordially invited to the virtual launch party for my new release, THE WORLD AND THE STARS, a dazzling collection of 24 science fiction and fantasy stories by some great authors, including Tanith Lee, Liz Williams, Peter T Garratt, Cherith Baldry and myself (!), amongst others 😀

The World and the Stars 500

This is a collection of works (many previously published) by the writer’s group I belong to, plus a few friends, and is dedicated to our founder, Peter T Garratt, who sadly passed away at the young age of 54, and is much missed.

He would have been very proud of this book.

I’m planning entertainment, chat, and a few competitions with small prizes, so even if you only have a few minutes, you’re welcome to just drop in.

8pm – 11pm British Summer Time, BST, (you can find a time converter here) and the party is on facebook here

Hope to see a few of you there 😀

Oh, and in addition, I’m offering FREE copies to anyone who would like to review…





  1. Going searching for it right now! I LOVE the cover art!!

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    1. did I miss this? Doh!

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      1. Not yet! Party starts in just over 2 hours….


    2. Yay 😀
      The cover art is by one of our writer’s group, and she also has a story in the anthology. We managed to cover everything ‘in house’ so to speak, with the range of skills available. Deirdre is a book illustrator and art teacher, and we also have a trained proof reader in the group. Boy did that keep the costs down!

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      1. I bet it did keep the costs down. Good for you all!

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    1. Cheers Judith 😀


      1. Love sharing brilliant posts – this was one.

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      2. Thanks 😀


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