What a hoot! GoH Seanan McGuire speaks at #Eastercon #Dysprosium 2015

Seanan, if you ever get to read this, I’d just like to say, you made Eastercon for me – thank you for your amazing infectious humour, and your awesomely ghoulish glee about all things squishy and icky – you rock!

2015-04-06 15.50.17

Oh, and I had no problem with the pronunciation of your name (Shawn-in) – I thought that might be because I visit Ireland a couple times a year, but after what you said, perhaps not. On the other hand, when you appreciate that I know people called Niamh (Neev), Eilidh (Aylee) and Mhairi (Varry), perhaps you can see why Seanan was not such a challenge?

And in case you do drop in, you might recall, I was the one wearing the t-shirt you admired…


Now, I did, of course, fail to film the really funny bits – somehow I get so carried away laughing that by the time I get the camera out, I’ve missed the hilarity and end up with something moderately serious. But hey ho, I might as well share what I got, just forgive the shaky camera hand, particularly on the second clip.

Seanan’s Guest of Honour panel consists of the audience asking whatever questions they want – often with hilarious results. This clip was a more serious reply, after she mentioned that she has to negotiate with her publishers about what they want her to write next, and someone expressed surprise that a writer of her standing still has to write to order.

This second one is Seanan replying to the request: ‘Cats. Discuss.’

As she has Maine Coons, the place she is talking about at the start of the clip (unsurprisingly) is Maine…

And that’s it for today, folks, one more post on Eastercon still to come…

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