Book Review (of Sorts): Swamp Ghosts

This one is on my TBR list, so I’m delighted to find this wonderfully positive review.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Deborah. It was great to find it yesterday. When you get to it (I know what a big TBR stack is like), I hope you’ll enjoy it, too. 🙂 Have a great day!


    1. My pleasure, Marcia – it’s such a good review 😀
      This year I plan on saying no to more review requests than I did last year, as I keep finding I have no time to read the books that I personally want to.
      And after my rant earlier this week about books that end on cliffhangers, I plan on checking that point out before I accept a single one!


      1. I really liked the review, too. And I know what you mean. You can get bogged down in trying to review everything your friends have written, and then you get behind on stuff you had marked just for your own pleasure. As for cliffhangers…nothing makes me madder than the kind that leave you in mid-battle, or crisis…like a To Be Continued. I prefer the current problem nicely wrapped up, even if there’s something that let’s you know more terrible things are coming. I guess that would be more of a Teaser, and I’m fine with that. But please, please resolve the main issue of the book, and don’t make me wait a year to find out if the victim lying facedown on the floor is dead or alive! Eeeep.

        Each to his own, I guess, but those upset me, too. 🙂


      2. Hear, hear on the cliffhanger point – and it seems everyone I speak to is in agreement, so where are the readers who like such cheating ends?
        My problem with the reviews is rather that I keep signing up for blog tours with tour companies, and it’s my friends’ books I can’t get to!
        That’s all gonna change this year. Definitely.


      3. Deborah, I realized I need to apologize for the way I worded my last response to you. I didn’t mean to imply I don’t want to read my friends’ books. I was thinking more in terms of obligations to do reviews for people who’ve requested them, rather than me downloading books written by people I’ve gotten to know. I definitely want to read the books of people I enjoy on my blogs, or have met at various events, and will enjoy reviewing them, even though I’m waaaay behind on them. But somehow, it’s hard to say no when people ask me outright to read and review, and I probably need to get a better handle on that, somehow.

        Ideally, I’d love to do it ALL, but plus find time to write and blog, as well. Any idea how we can add another 12 hours or so to each day?? 🙂


      4. Please, if you ever find the answer to that one, let me know!


  2. The Chaos Realm · · Reply

    I really appreciate the reblog…thanks!

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    1. My pleasure. You should write more reviews!


  3. It’s on my list as well!

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