The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit #lotr

It’s 2 years since I was in New Zealand, on the Lord of the Rings tour with Red Carpet Tours (highly recommended by me and no, I’m not on commission, just wishing I was back there again), so I couldn’t resist sharing the latest Air NZ in-flight safety video, modelled on The Battle of the Five Armies, complete with original cast members (and Peter Jackson).

When I flew out at the end of 2012 (spending New Year’s Day 2013 in Hobbiton, yay!) I remember sitting entranced, watching the LOTR briefing, and sniggering (bad girl, slap wrist) at the elderly couple in the seats behind, who were utterly confused by the whole thing!

So without further ado, here it is:



  1. Kylie Betzner · · Reply

    I love this commercial. I want to travel to New Zealand to see Hobbiton so badly . . . it’s a bucket list item.


    1. Kylie, you must! It is just the most wonderful place to visit, makes you feel you are right there inside the films, and enjoying a pint at The Green Dragon is a truly magical experience.
      If you didn’t see it already, take a quick peek at my first post under the NZ/LOTR holiday category above:

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      1. Kylie Betzner · ·

        That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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      2. Kylie Betzner · ·

        My computer’s acting up so it won’t let me comment to your post. But those are amazing pictures! I think that’s why I started following your blog, just to live vicariously through you:) Again, thanks for sharing.

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  2. jenniferbielman · · Reply

    That was awesome!


    1. Isn’t it just?
      Love the way New Zealanders have embraced their film industry 🙂


  3. Fabulous. So entertaining. I’m so sharing this! 🙂

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