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Here’s hoping you’ve all had a great holiday and that the New Year will bring success in all your ventures 😀

Countdown Sale


Here we are again, DESPRITE MEASURES is once more participating in an Amazon Countdown Sale, at 99c until New Year’s Day, although unfortunately due to the unwieldy Amazon behemoth as reported in my post ‘Amazon Strikes Again’ this time the offer is only available in the US.

Scottish water sprite, Cassie, lives a quiet life in human guise, along with her selkie boyfriend, until a magician tries to force her to power his crazy experiment.

Escape is only Cassie’s first challenge; she falls for her dangerous fellow captive, fire elemental Gloria, and somehow becomes the prize in a contest between rival covens.

Struggling to stay one step ahead of it all, her life and loves spiral dangerously out of control.

Here’s what people are saying about this unique eco-urban fantasy:

This book is good! It’s quick and fun, with a well written, solid plot. If I weren’t warming my toes by the fire and battened down for cold weather I’d call this a perfect beach read!

An urban fantasy with all the right bells and whistles

With witches, vampires, humans, and otherworldly goodness, it’s a unique urban fantasy read that will captivate readers for the sheer originality of the main plot.

Ms. Jay goes deeper and wider than your everyday UF. She touches on real issues we are all facing today. And she does it in a way that weaves believably into her story.

#NEWS: Cassie short story out soon!

Continuing on from where Desprite Measures ends, I’d like to announce the imminent release of a Cassie short story, which will be available FREE to all my mailing list subscribers (if you’d like to sign up, its on my ‘ABOUT‘ page).

It will also feature in an upcoming anthology titled: ALTERED PERSPECTIVES – a multi-genre collection of stories by up and coming new authors.

The story’s working title is: Frack!  which should give you an idea of the topic Cassie is tackling this time around.

I’m still on the outlook for a suitable Sprite pun to replace that, so if any of you has any suggestions, please pop them in the comments – they will be most welcome!

Also #NEWS – Desprite Measures is a winner!

Author Jo Michaels ran a huge contest during December: 12 Days of Review Requests, during which she gave away a host of gifts, and took entries in her review contest by asking authors to pitch their books to her, in the form of an ‘elevator pitch’, not a book blurb or description. She then downloaded the Amazon samples of the books that most enticed her, and finally decided which she would buy to read and review – and DESPRITE MEASURES was one of her chosen!

In her most recent blog post she raved about the quality of this year’s entries: see here what she has to say, and her take on why she thinks indie published books are improving in quality.

Here is the list of her final winners. She did, in the end, choose rather more than her intended 12 (double that, in fact) but competition was hot and many worthy contenders did not make it to the final list, so I’m seriously chuffed to be in there!



  1. writejomichaels · · Reply

    Thanks for the mention, Deborah! I can’t wait to read more of your book 🙂 Awesome seeing you at the event. WRITE ON!


    1. Hi Jo, thanks for dropping in 😀
      Looking forward to your review of Desprite Measures – so hoping you’ll like it!


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