BookBub Explained

All you need to know about Bookbub – both as an author and a reader. Probably the most expensive and difficult to advertise with, but they only choose the best, so a great accolade if your book is selected, and the rewards look worth the effort.

Nancy's Notes From Florida

BookBub is a popular reader subscriber service where you can promote your book for a fee. They have four million subscribers. Its readers are 84% women, the majority over 40 years old. 37% are retired. 58% are empty-nesters. 59% read four or more books per month. The devices they read on? 49% Kindle, 26% Apple, 15% Nook, 10% Android. Most use tablets, then e-readers, and then cell phones. 29% read non-genre material. 32% read mysteries and thrillers; 25% read romance; 14% read science fiction and fantasy. 95% of readers have purchased a book from an unknown author because of an e-book promotion. 63% have gone on to order more books by an author due to a price promotion.

When a book goes from $.99 to $2.99, there is a 50% drop in sales. But 77% of subscribers will purchase full price books.


Why feature a book on BookBub? Readers get…

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  1. Another good site for readers is The Fussy Librarian:


  2. Wow, thanks Deb for sharing Nancy’s in-depth description of Bookbub. I’ve heard from many great authors who still couldn’t get their books listed there. And wow, it’s so expensive, especially when our books aren’t yet earning us anything near the entry cost. I have used The Fussy LIbrarian before. 🙂


    1. I does seem to be a bit arbitrary whether they take your book or not, but from the reports I’ve seen from writers who DO get in, they earn back the cost and then some, so I’m willing to give it a try when I feel I have enough books ready to make it worth it.
      Probably won’t get in, but you never know…
      I hadn’t realised until reading this post (great post, isn’t it? So useful to have all the info in one place), that the percentage they take is so small!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I have heard by many authors that rejections are plentiful :(. One day we will get there! 🙂


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