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Sharing on social media for mutual benefit

I found this post by fellow author and friend, D G Kaye, and I wish I’d done it myself first! 

Anyway, as I didn’t here it is:


I’ve been thinking about the share buttons on our blogs. When I first started blogging I wasn’t aware of the importance of these buttons—other than the fact that most of us have them at the bottom of our posts, I felt like they are there merely  for someone to click if they wanted to ‘like’ what they had read.

like button

In my earlier blogging days, if I enjoyed a post I always felt that I was letting the writer know so by hitting ‘like’. I didn’t realize the importance of the other ‘share’ buttons until I became a published author. Now, I’m not saying we have to be published authors in order to have our writing appreciated and shared, but this was when I learned to understand the concept of social sharing and the importance of using these buttons.

When writers spend the time writing articles and posting helpful information that can benefit others, isn’t that worth sharing? It’s  especially nice for the newcomers to blogging who are always eager to learn new things about their trade. On the same token, those buttons are very precious to help promote the writer’s website.

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  1. Hi Deb. Thanks so much for reposting this blog I wrote. I really felt that many people don’t realize the importance of these buttons and hoped to get the message across so that many more blogs and articles would be shared by many more people. 🙂


    1. Thanks for writing it and I totally agree with your reasons – as I said, I wish I’d thought of it, but now you’ve done it, at least I don’t have to! And its now been re-re-blogged 😉


    1. Thanks again 😀


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