Do WOMEN write better than MEN? Survey by, #grammar checker #writing

Men versus Women

Who are the better writers?

And the survey says:


This survey was conducted by

As well as their service, check out their many educational sites:



And remember these important writing rules:


  1. Great post Deb. Do you think it has to do with women being able to use the left and right side of the brain simultaneously? Women love details, men want the bottom line in daily life but creativity in a writer is not polarized to women alone. 🙂


    1. I have the feeling it’s something to do with our basic wiring – at a very crude level, the hunter/gatherer versus the homemaker/child rearer, gifting men and women with different priorities.
      I daresay this might offend some people who feel that human beings have evolved past this basic setting, but at the fundamental level all species still have their evolutionary survival mechanisms underlying their behaviour patterns.
      Where, exactly, creativity fits into this, I don’t know, but I’m always open to being educated…

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      1. Well said. The fundamentals don’t change and certainly there are distinct differences between the way men and women think. 🙂


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