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Fallen EyesFallen Eyes by J.K. Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As we’ve come to expect by now, Jazz is off on another rollercoaster ride dealing with monsters and murderers, her own weaknesses (of which she has a few new ones, dealing with the physical after-effects of Sanguine, and with a rapidly multiplying bunch of emotional complications), and the fallout of her paranormal world having been ‘outed’ on YouTube.
In many ways, this book is darker than previous ones, and Jazz is challenged beyond her capacity to cope alone. Thematically, this book is about Jazz realising that she doesn’t have to, and in fact, can’t, do everything on her own. Her friends play bigger roles, Cassie in particular moving from a passive supporting role into something no one could have foreseen, and that’s one of the things I love best about this series – you can never predict where it is going next!
First, Jazz has to deal with a horror from her past she thought dead and buried. Well, he was dead, only now he’s back.
And then there is the new villain on the block. Delving once again into a lesser known trope, this time a ‘draugr’ – a Viking nasty, with seemingly unstoppable power, who happens to like eating his victims – who has something else altogether in mind for Jazz.
I did find this time around that although the two threads were wound together, to me the book read a bit like two halves – the first dealing with the previous enemy (clearly part of an ongoing story arc) and the second, with the draugr, which was when this novel for me, really picked up pace.
Favourite bit? Loki playing a bigger (snigger – read it, you’ll understand) role in this episode.
Favourite quote: ‘Randi turned to look at me. “That PRD agent is the immortal?” “There can be only one,” I said.’
Waiting, not so patiently now, for the next instalment.

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If you haven’t yet read them, I urge you – go, buy, read!


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