At last – success! First book earns out and other news

My first book finally earns out!


Friends, raise a glass with me – after 6 years, my first traditionally published book has finally earned back its advance and started making real money!

Today, I received in the post my twice yearly Royalty Statement, to find that my equestrian title THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF TRAINING has moved into the black – by all of £5.47

Sadly no cheque – I did investigate the envelope very carefully, but I had a sneaky suspicion and read the small print on the bottom of the statement – ‘amounts due less than £10 will be carried forward’.

Yup, I seemed to remember that from long, long ago, back when I believed I’d be earning money from my publisher far sooner, and far in excess of that type of figure.

518VVGnJGmL__AA160_Silly me.

It’s only taken 6 years…

But hey, my book has earned out, and that’s far more than the majority of books do 🙂

My second, which was published 2 years later, still has just over £400 to go to earn out, but it looks like it probably will get there eventually too – real author success!

(Psst – the fact that my indie published books have already earned more than one of my advances in less than a year might have something to do with my decision to self-publish – but let’s not tell my publisher that, shall we?)

And in other news…


The messed up promo I reported on earlier this week, here, was still quite a success in the end. Even going it alone (with a little help from a few of my friends who were able to participate in the promo, ‘cos they live in the US), I put in a fair amount of effort and it paid off, with DESPRITE MEASURES selling more in one week than it has in the past 3 months, and reaching peak rankings of 17,122 overall paid books on Amazon UK, and 33,203 on Amazon US. With over 4 million books on offer, I’m pretty chuffed with those figures.


I have short stories due out in 2 forthcoming anthologies – yay! One is a return to my roots – a science fiction piece in a collection called ‘THE WORLD AND THE STARS’ – more on that later – and a short sprite story for one entitled, ‘ALTERED PERCEPTIONS’.

Once the anthologies are out, I plan on offering one of these stories as a freebie to all followers of this site as a thank you gift.


7 simple steps

On the technical side, I’ve just written a commissioned piece for a UK dressage site, entitled ‘7 Simple Steps to Improving Your Dressage Scores’

which can be downloaded as a very attractively presented freebie from here.

Prince’s Son Update

And to round this off, a quickie update on progress of The Prince’s Son, sequel to The Prince’s Man. I estimate it to be around two thirds done, although the way my characters love to enlarge the story, my accuracy may be questionable!

It has already split into a novel (TPS) and a novella (The Prince’s Nephew) as it was threatening to rival a G.R.R. Martin length tome, and I don’t want to keep my readers waiting that long.

mP3OwYFfN3w96WYtRjWCq7wSo cheers, folks, and please have that drink with me…


  1. Aaaah, but now, every penny will add up, and soon you’ll be larkin’ about on yachts and stuff! 😀 Seriously, congratulations, Deborah. It sounds like things are finally clicking together for you, and I’ll drink to that! Cheers!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers Marcia, it’s been a long time coming but I never doubted it would happen. I’m persistent – a trait all authors need in abundance 😉


      1. Along with a thick skin, a lack of need for sleep, an affinity for working by themselves, and gallons of Earl Grey tea (insert your choice of beverage). 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations, Deborah! Your a hard worker and it’s paying off (no pun intended). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and thanks for dropping in to share with me 😀


  3. You’re welcome!! I wouldn’t be a true type A if I didn’t say I meant, You’re a hard worker! LOL Keep rolling. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations!!!!! You must be SO PROUD!!! I know I am proud of you! Hugs!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Leiah 😀


  5. jenniferbielman · · Reply

    Wow, congrats, that’s great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jennifer, I know how busy you are 😀


  6. Deb, CONGRATS! What a feeling that must be. You are certainly doing well with all your hard work! Good on you! I’m always ears to hear your helpful tips on what works! And I’m surprised you’ve had any time to even write the post, lol, with all on your plate! 🙂


    1. Thanks Debby, it certainly does feel good! What I need now (apart from more hours in the day) is to spend more time writing and less time on marketing/internet/social media/etc. etc. etc….!


  7. Congratz Deborah! 🙂 All the best to you with your future books.


    1. Thank you! And thanks for taking time to comment too 😀


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