Book Review – HOLLOW EYES by J. K. Walker #Urbanfantasy

Hollow Eyes (Salt Lake After Dark #2)Hollow Eyes by J.K. Walker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jazz is back!
The previous book, GLACIAL EYES, first in the series, was full of promise (see my review here). Oh boy, but HOLLOW EYES fulfils all that promise and then some!
Walker once again goes down the lesser used paths of urban fantasy, this time presenting us with a Navajo skinwalker, ghouls and a cannibalistic windego preying on the city’s homeless. Not to forget the berserker werebear intent on killing Jazz to make a point to one of her friends.
And to add to the complications in Jazz’s life, her cat-self is in the grip of her first heat, causing her to throw herself at all the hot men around her, despite being happy with her dhampyr lover, Logan.
Jazz is coming to terms with her new role as troubleshooter for the paranormal council, though it would be easier if the job paid. Fitting her work around her U classes is making life tough enough, but then half-eaten bodies start turning up just as she’s looking forward to a little downtime over the Christmas holidays, and Jazz must investigate.
Her usual irreverent take on life, mixed with her raging hormones, makes for a great blend of fun, action and terror, as her early assumptions on the case turn out to be completely wrong, and it looks like she might be the next victim.
I was delighted to find this book well edited. I noticed just a couple of tiny copy errors, and my only story issue was the overpowering horniness of the first half, before Jazz realises why she feels as she does. Having said that, the story and dialogue more than made up for that, and my one regret is being so tardy putting this review up, because I got stuck into book no. 3 before getting round to it.
Favourite quote from Hollow Eyes, after Jazz parts with her magic amulet in order to prevent Detective Granger from getting eaten:
“Kitty’s back on the menu!”

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  1. Ah! I hoped you would love it!!!


    1. Sure do! Nearly finished the third one now 🙂


      1. Cool. Glad you like them!


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