Why not join me in The Book Marketing Challenge?

The Book Marketing Challenge


One of the biggest challenges to authors is that of MARKETING.

We can write the greatest book, have a fabulous cover, and yet still not find readers. Even when our work is traditionally published, as my equestrian books are, unless the author is a household name, there is little or no marketing budget, and the onus of putting a book in front of a prospective buyer is on the shoulders of the author.

I know. I’ve been doing it for years.

The wonder of internet marketing

Back in the days before the internet, marketing was about taking out adverts, doing book signings, begging bookshops for shelf space or generally hawking your wares to anyone who would stand still long enough to listen.

These days, the internet provides us in comparison with a huge reach, internationally as well as locally.

The drawback?

Fighting for reader’s attention in a ridiculously over-crowded marketplace.

Marketing motivation

This, for me, is an ongoing battle. When my books are just out, the motivation is there in abundance – I can’t stop talking about the new release because it’s so exciting to have a fresh book out.

After a few months, it becomes rather a drag.

Do you find the same?

Marketing courses

To refresh my interest in the job, as much as learn new marketing avenues, I have taken a few online courses.

The latest begins on Monday (May 5th 2014) and looks pretty comprehensive to me, with access to workshops, expert interviews, articles, action steps, hot tips, special gifts, and guidance in expanding online presence, and takes place on a dedicated website, facebook, twitter and pinterest.


Better yet, the limited access pass is FREE!

So if marketing is a challenge to you, in whatever form that challenge takes, why don’t you join me?

Oh, and there’s a CONTEST to be won too! 😀

Click this link to sign up, and I’ll see you there!



  1. Hi Deb, I just saw this post and it’s past May 5th. I’m curious to know what you think of the course? And yes, I go through the same feelings when getting ready to launch a book—the excitement and then months later going crazy wondering what else I can do to get it back up high in the ratings to attract readers. It’s a never-ending job, lol 🙂


    1. Isn’t it just?
      Re the course, it isn’t too late to sign up – the first week was all about platform, most of which I have covered already, so looking forward to some new info this week.
      It’s free, and I think you can still access the first week’s posts so – have a look!


      1. Thanks Deb, I will! 🙂


  2. Thanks Deb. I’ve joined! I’m caught up and like you, looking forward to some new info! Lol, good to know we have done the earlier important steps! 🙂


    1. Isn’t it just? 😀


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