Meet Rhoda D’Ettore – author of ‘Goin’ Postal – True Stories of a US Postal Worker’

One of the joys of indie publishing is meeting up with lots of other authors – part of the amazing community you join when you first press that ‘publish’ button.

Before you start, you might think it will be cut-throat competition; in reality it’s anything but – we all (well, most of us) support each other and promote each other. After all, there is no shortage of readers out there (not yet, anyway – but that’s another story), so competition doesn’t really come into it.

I came into contact with Rhoda via a facebook page she just started, for authors at all stages of their careers from just starting out to established, to share and help each other. See what I mean? We all help each other.

Here is what Rhoda says about herself:

Hello! I am a life long resident of West Deptford, New Jersey, located outside of Philadelphia.  I have been a United States Postal worker for 15 years, and originally wrote down the crazy things that happened at work for my co-workers when they were feeling nostalgic.  They thought it was so funny, that I published an ebook, Goin’ Postal: True Stories of a U.S. Postal Worker, which has been very successful.


Read all about the wacky experiences of a real postal workers.  The true stories that the public never sees is told:  human heads in the mail, alligators getting loose in the processing center, and the panic and emotions behind the anthrax crisis. This is sure to make you laugh!

Find out more about Rhoda on her blog at:

See her other books there – historical fiction and erotica – and if you are interested in becoming an indie author, come and join the community!




  1. Nice post Deb, and no, there should be no competition amongst writers. We are all individuals and write in our own ways. It is humbling to introduce other writers and in turn the universe will make sure we will be awarded the same gratitude from other fellow writers. The universe is abundant.


    1. My feelings too – pity it isn’t universal, but then the human race is a contrary beast, and thankfully I think it does apply to a majority of writers.
      Thanks for dropping in.


      1. Always love to visit your blog. 🙂


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