What do you do when you can’t get on the net?


Write, of course!

I’ve had days of internet issues now, starting with a frustrating ‘conversation’ with a woman at a call centre who spoke with such a strong accent, I could understand perhaps one word per sentence.

This was just before midnight, so I probably wasn’t at my best, but the witching hour is when I do my best writing – it’s dark and quiet and there are no distractions – perfect for getting into ‘the zone’.


Unfortunately, the zone was shut and locked that night, because I couldn’t settle to writing, knowing that I had the nasty red light on my router still to sort out.

After a fruitless hour of pointless checks, mostly targeted at my laptop – which had no problem contacting the router, it was the router that wasn’t contacting the internet – the rep agreed to ‘escalate’ the problem. 24 – 72 hours they said.

So as a happy result, the sequel to Prince’s Man gained another 10,000 words.


But my blog has been neglected. Ah well, you can’t have it all ways.


So please forgive the rather unfocussed rambling, normal service will be resumed shortly – provided TalkTalk have really fixed the problem this time, and this isn’t a flash in the pan, as it was for 2 hours on Friday.

Now, back  to work…



  1. Internet issues and sub-optimal call centres are really agonising. 😦
    It is awesome that you can still write such an entertaining blog post after the frustrating internet issues. ⭐


    1. Thanks Karen, while I find it amazingly frustrating, when there is so little you can do about it, I reckon the only thing to do is maintain your sense of humour 😀


  2. jenniferbielman · · Reply

    I hate when my internet is not working. It seems like no one every really helps. But your are right, you get a lot of wiring done. Bonus!


    1. We all love it – until it doesn’t work!
      Now it is intermittent, almost more infuriating as it keeps dropping when I’m in the middle of things. Sigh.
      Thanks for dropping by, Jennifer.


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