Book review – The Returns by M.K.Clinton – doggy humour

The Returns (The Returns, #1)The Returns by M.K. Clinton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a hoot!
I picked this up as a suggestion from a friend as I fancied something light and humorous – and I wasn’t disappointed.
Take one (dead) FBI agent, re-incarnate him in the body of a Basset Hound and send him back to finish his last case, along with several other ‘returns’ also connected with the villain: Bones, former World Champion Featherweight boxer, now a Chihuahua; fashion designer and computer hacker extraordinaire, Pierre the flamboyant Westie; Tucker the Golden Retriever and former Navy SEAL, and Faith, the beautiful one-time fashion model and now their (probationary) angel whose task is to take care of them.
Faith can’t cook, Tucker’s enthusiasm knows no bounds (I’ve owned Golden Retrievers – he’s perfectly cast!), particularly when it comes to diving into water, Bones struggles to remember how tiny he is, but has a useful line in dodgy contacts, and Pierre would rather be at his sewing machine. Add in Bentley’s old partner who falls for Faith while trying to figure out the case that killed his best buddy, and you have a fine, fun romp.
I will admit I struggled at first with the impossibility of what the dogs could do with their paws (operate computers, sewing machines, be car mechanics and drive) but if you can cope with that, this book is well worth a read just for the oh-so typical doggy characteristics of the characters and the colourful New Orleans setting.
And of course, the villain gets suitably taken down at the end!

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