The Prince’s Man is featured in today’s ‘Kindle Books and Tips’ newsletter


The Prince’s Man is featured today on the KINDLE BOOKS AND TIPS website, on the following page:

If you haven’t yet found this great resource of free and low price/discounted QUALITY ebooks, then you are missing out!

All books featured on this site have above a 4* rating with at least 10 reviews on the Amazon US site, so if you are searching for your next great value read, the daily newsletter is well worth signing up for!

In addition, this site also offers really useful tips about how to use and arrange your kindle.

You can also find KINDLE BOOKS AND TIPS at:


Also a great place for authors to get information and different ways to get exposure for your books, so sign up now!


  1. Thanks for this Deb! Funny I had this bookmarked to check out as I just spent the whole day signing up for promotions to get ready for my first free day on kindle this Friday!


  2. I just signed up! Are these free ads? I didn’t find out too much just signed up?


    1. Sadly no, I don’t think they do free ads, and you need a certain number of reviews before you can gain access. Here is one that is free (or was, last time I used it):
      Here’s another:!advertise/c16fm
      Good luck with your promo – let me know how it goes; I’ve just put Desprite Measures with KDP select for a trial run but I have yet to decide whether to use the free days.


      1. Thanks Deb, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the sites, I will add them to a huge list I got through some publications as well. Let me know in future if you ever need some of the list! 🙂


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