2014 New Year’s Day dog walk in the Highlands

Random post – after the traditional Hogmanay party and a looooong lie in, dog walking was the order of the day!

These are just some tiny snippets of our pack enjoying themselves, apologies for the quality and steadiness of some of the videos – staying on my feet was a priority, and not always a given when you are walking with this many dogs, in particular the SCUD (stealth collie undercutting device) missile that has a tendency to barrel into the backs of your legs and land you on your backside!

The pack is:

  • one fat, elderly Golden Retriever, PHOEBE (sadly we lost her mother Lucia a couple of days earlier at the great age of 16)
  • black Cocker Spaniels BUFFY and ANGEL (that’s Angelica), home bred sisters
  • Border Collie BEN, came to us to be fostered (he’d been bought as a Christmas present for a teenager who lost interest – duh, why do people still do it?) and made it clear no other home would do.
  • blue roan Cocker BRUNO, a Spanish rescue dog.
  • golden Cocker TOBY, the latest addition rescue dog from Spain, compete with trust issues and a fearsome set of teeth, but he’s better every day
  • Spanish Podenco ANNIE, just one year old and still with boundless energy. If you haven’t come across Podencos before, have a look http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podenco_Canario and https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=spanish+podenco&rlz=1T4TSEH_en___GB361&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=PlXIUsfUG4KThgeqwoDYDA&ved=0CD8QsAQ
  • and my Jack Russel, FRODO.

And one lovely, atmospheric picture from the Caledonian Forest in winter

2014-01-01 12.59.41

I love the Highlands, that being the reason I set my Caledonian Sprite urban fantasy series here – gives me a chance to research (excuse for visiting) more of the area and sharing this gorgeous region of the UK with everyone who reads it!

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