REVIEW – Faerie, by Delle Jacobs

FaerieFaerie by Delle Jacobs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I enjoyed it, no doubt. It was easy reading, the characters were interesting and had plenty of dimensions, and the historical detail was great.
I was drawn in by the set up of a half-faerie heroine who has never quite fitted into her ‘place’ in society, and the independent minded knight Phillippe who has a dark secret to hide.
For me, the best part of this novel was the dialogue, especially in the latter part, and I will probably read more by this author.
Why not 5 stars? Because I found the tale just a little too long, despite the pace being quite even. Perhaps another edit would have tightened it just that bit, and also picked up on the incidences of repeated words that were rather distracting.
And I’d have liked it better if there had been more foreshadowing of some of the rather convenient revelations that were crucial to the resolution.
Overall, a recommended read for those who love historical romance with a paranormal twist.

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