Review – The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn


3 out of 5 stars

Read from August 05 to September 07, 2013

I loved the concept behind this book – a therapist who thinks she is counselling wannabe vampires, only to find she’s dealing with the real thing.
I even admired the writer’s determination that shrink, Kismet, refuses to believe in the supernatural for so very long.
What I didn’t enjoy was the boring structure of the book. Something interesting happens, then back to normality. Another interesting thing happens; back to normality. Interesting event happens; back to – you get the picture.
Also, for me, the writing itself lacked sophistication in the use of language. Whilst I can put up with that if the story is interesting (such as the Harry Potter books), I felt that combined with the shallow emotional reactions from someone who has just had the her life turned upside down and inside out, a bit of a let down.
I will probably start the next one. If the writing and structure have matured as I hope they will, I look forward to reading it.

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