Indie publishing adventure – highs and lows

THE GREAT INDIE PUBLISHING ADVENTURE continues, this week with both highs and a low.

Starting on a positive: five weeks in, and THE PRINCE’S MAN has already sold more than 400 copies – 23 of those yesterday, my best day yet! 🙂

On the downside, I’ve had my first 3* review. Putting this in context, I have eleven 5* and two 4*. It’s just a shame this one is on Amazon US, where I only have two of those reviews so far – come on people, more US reviewers please!

Interesting to read how this reviewer felt the opening was one big info dump (something I worked really hard to minimise) and that the character names were long and hard to remember. Comparing this to this UK review extract:

‘I would not normally read this genre as I find the names too complicated to keep track of and don’t really get on with the fantasy aspect! Having been persuaded to have a go I was pleased to find I was able to keep a handle on who was who and enjoyed the fast action.’ By travellertb

I feel a bit surprised, but hey, there you go, everyone is different, it just makes me feel more wary of giving out review copies (this was a read-4-review offer) rather than allowing people to make up their own minds whether they want to buy it and review if they want to, afterwards.

So, back to high points – TPM has made it onto its first Amazon Best Seller List!

Now standing at #80 in the Top 100 Sword and Sorcery ebooks!

Back to happy…;)

So what are the highs and lows of your adventure, so far?

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