Indie publishing adventure – the first few weeks

Publication date for THE PRINCE’S MAN was officially July 29th, but in case of any problems, I actually put the book out on Amazon two weeks before that.


I had intended to take it down again, as soon as I knew everything was working ok, but on that first test day, it sold 4 copies. And the next day, another 4.

So did I take it down? You bet not!

In fact, despite no one knowing it was there, it kept on selling 🙂 There have been a couple of days when it only sold one copy, and one day when I noticed a minus 1 before it turned around, so someone out there returned a copy (I don’t get why they are allowed to do that, but that’s a frequent hot debate in the Indie world, so another time, perhaps…).

Today is one month since it became available online. One hectic, fun-filled, incredible month.

I’m not going to be a millionaire (not yet, at least 😉 ) but to date, I’ve sold 258 copies, had 8 reviews, all five star 🙂 and had an amazing time tracking my rankings on Amazon.

And that’s really why the post today: after one month, THE PRINCE’S MAN is no longer eligible for Amazon’s Hot New Releases category 😦

But hey, I’ve enjoyed it while it lasted.

At peak, THE PRINCE’S MAN reached:

Epic Fantasy ebook ranking no.26

Sword and Sorcery ebook ranking no. 32

Epic Fantasy book ranking no. 38

Best seller ranking 9878

and my author ranking peaked at 13,392

When you consider how many books/authors are out there on Amazon in all categories, I’m delighted with these figures.

And it’s still selling.

The most I’ve sold in one day is 19 copies, and while I expect it to tail off a bit now, I’ve earned back what I spent up front: the cover design and cover reveal tour.

So what next?

I’m still after as many reviews as I can get, so approaching review blogs at a rate of 2 or 3 a week – not many will pick up, I know, but I’m in this for the long haul so that’s all the time I’m allotting on a weekly basis.

I’m also trying out some low cost advertising, and any freebie posting I can track down.

Again, I don’t want to overload, because not only does it take up too much time (got another book to write…) but I want to track what is the most effective.

Indie publishing is a long term business – the more books I can get out there, the more readers I will find, and the more income I will generate, so writing time must now take priority over marketing, and my mind is now whirling with plot ideas…

Any suggestions for anything else I might do, that doesn’t take up too much time? I’d love to hear.


  1. Congrats! This world of self pub is really exciting. I have been reading for months now on publishing and marketing strategies and I am still taking it all in as I prepare to publish in the fall. You are already on a good track. If you want some other good marketing ideas, look for my post where I suggest recommended sites and publications to follow that have all given me a wealth of information, particularly “Your Writer’s Platform”. Good luck.


    1. Hi Debby – nice to see another Debby who spells her name with a ‘y’ – that’s how mine shortens 🙂
      Thanks for dropping in and I’ve checked out your post – most are blogs I already follow but there were a couple of new ones I’ve subscribed to – thanks for that.
      I studied and planned and started building my platform a full year before launching The Prince’s Man, and it has really paid off.
      I still have masses to learn, and every day brings new information – at first it was all a bit overwhelming, but eventually I managed to organise and pick out what to do and what to leave for the future – so now I’m exploring the next phase and really enjoying the whole process.
      Good luck with your launch – I’ll be watching!


  2. Thanks ‘Debby’ 🙂 It sounds like the process I have been going through. I am in my 8th revisions, still never satisfied enough to send to my waiting editor. It seems there is always something to learn; one link leads to another and another. I am also writing my 2nd book, so really this business certainly takes most of my waking moments, still it is all so inspiring. I have been spreading myself all over the map but soon I will be able to organize myself just as you said. It is all a learning curve; what a ride!


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